Book - Bless Your Heart

Book - Bless Your Heart

Bless Your Heart (Hardcover)
by Holly Bea

Book Description
The author and illustrator of “Where Does God Live?” and “My Spiritual Alphabet” reminds children to appreciate everything in their life, from the early morning light to a freckle on the knee to a hug.

A young boy and his little sister awake at dawn, looking forward to a day of excitement and discovery at the beach. It’s so early the lighthouse on the point is still lit. As brother and sister play on the beach, swim in the surf, and explore the tide pools, each experience is a source of wonder.

A full-colour project, brilliantly illustrated with light-filled paintings, Bless Your Heart reminds us that all of life is a blessing and a gift.

Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Kramer Books
Language: English
ISBN: 0915811944

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