Book - A Boy and a Turtle

Book - A Boy and a Turtle

A Boy and a Turtle Book (Paperback)
by Lori Lite

Book Description
Relaxation story for children to improve sleep and better manage stress and anxiety.

Lori Lite is the author of four unique children’s tales; her two most successful books, Boy and a Turtle and Goodnight Caterpillar.

The importance of her books is that they are designed to introduce children to simple and effective relaxation and stress management. Intentional colour sequences paired with simple visualisations carry the young mind into a calm and relaxed state – a perfect introduction to a stress free sleep. Lori’s material has found a place among teachers, child care specialists and child psychologists, acquiring several awards and international recognition. Her story telling skill evolved from extensive work as a Certified Children’s Facilitator, an experienced mediator herself and – perhaps most importantly, a mother of three.

Paperback: 15 Pages
Publisher: LITE BOOKS
Language: English
ISBN: 9780970863300

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